Angel & Heart Headstone

Angel & Heart Headstone

India Black Custom Angel and Heart with Setting: $4,700.00

Laser Insert: $300

Laser etching design: $200.00 +


  • Monument
  • Headstone
  • Marker

    Custom Angel and Heart

    India Black

    For the stone, base and setting, $4,700.00.

    Laser Insert: $300.00

    The laser etching fees start at $200.00 and go up from there depending on the design you choose.


    If you do not have the overall funds to pay upfront, we do ask that you put half down, then make monthly payments for 12 months.

    We require that the stone is paid in full before we set the stone at any location.


    The India Black is shipped from India and will take 6 months to get to the US. Typical shipping and completed product will be anywhere from 7-9 months.